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Improv Comedy in Charlotte, NC
Welcome to Breakroom Improv

We are Charlotte's destination for exhilarating, spontaneous improv comedy, specializing in unscripted performances that provide non-stop laughter. Our troupe of talented performers bring unique and fresh humor to every show, ensuring no two nights are the same. Dive into our world of improv, check out our upcoming shows, pick up some stylish merch and discover the most fun you've ever had in team building.
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Breakroom Improv
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Discover Charlotte's Best-Kept Secret: Live Improv Comedy! Forget the usual streaming binge and experience something truly spontaneous with Charlotte’s improv comedy scene! Dive into a world of laughter where no two shows are the same. Whether it’s at a cozy brewery or a bustling venue, our local improv groups, like Breakroom Improv, bring high-energy performances that are not only hilarious but also highly interactive. Get ready to be part of the show where your suggestions fuel the fun—right here in Charlotte!
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What We Offer
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Charlotte's Favorite Improv Comedy Group
Why Breakroom Improv Stands Out

When you attend a Breakroom Improv show, you can expect a unique blend of humor, creativity, and spontaneity. Our performances engage the audience, creating an inclusive and interactive opportunities to become part of the show. Our diverse team brings a variety of styles and humor to the stage, ensuring a fresh and exciting show every time.

• Diverse Talent: 
Our performers come from various backgrounds, offering a rich tapestry of comedic styles.

• Community Engagement: 
We're deeply rooted in the Charlotte community, participating in local events and charities.

• Corporate Workshops: 
Fun and educational workshops that entertain, while learning to better listen and collaborate.
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Breakroom Improv Presents!
Breakroom Improv Free Summer Show

Join Breakroom Improv for a free show to kick off the summer!

Our next show is FREE ADMISSION on Friday, June 14 at The People's Market Elizabeth. Doors open at 7:00pm and the show starts at 7:30pm.

We are the break from your stressful work, providing you with a much-needed reset at the end of your day. Experience a totally improvised show filled with scenes created on the spot.

Whether you're a fan of improv or just looking for a night of laughter, this show is not to be missed. Grab your friends, loved ones – or find that special someone at our show!

Get your FREE ticket now to join us on June 14. We can't wait to see you there!

The People's Market Elizabeth
Friday June 14.
Doors open at 7:00pm, show starts 7:30pm
1609 Elizabeth Ave, Charlotte, NC 28204
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Audience Reviews

“I ordered my pizza from Breakroom and it sucked. I don’t think they know how to make pizza"
— Jason T.
“Delivery was fast, but the dasher took a bite out of everything. 3 stars”
— Susan H.
“I got a root canal at Breakroom. All my teeth are shattered now, not sure they understood the right definition of Break”
— Emma R.
“I’ve been to three breakroom shows and I’m still not married. Do not recommend."
— Tom P.
"Breakroom improv literally saved my marriage in their 90 minute runtime. We're gonna try for another kid!"
— Mark K.
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